A Fresh Way Of Doing Things

Freshwater Travel is a professional online Travel and Marketing company. There are 2 different sections of the company, a Tourism Section and a Blockchain Section. The Blockchains side is operated through our sister company, Local Merchant Services , through whom we can offer useful Blockchain Services to the industry.

On the Tourism side, we operate Regional and Tourism Portals, along with a Local Web of county sites covering the UK. Our USP is that we serve a network of over 2 million subscribers across the globe to whom we can market our clients products. They are part of a closed user group to whom we can offer clients products and in a manner that complies with GDPR. We are expanding our Local Web Of Sites by Developing Wales.Network, a network of local websites for Wales, which will be under continuous development throughout 2021. Cardiff is the most popular area in Wales for tourists and is currently the only place featured at Wales.Network

As normality returns from the pandemic, there will be an increased need for domestic travel destinations as people will be wary of foreign travel for a while to come. Our network of local sites can help people when exploring domestic tourist destinations



We can offer our clients and our subscribers our bespoke Tourism and Blockchain products



A strength of Blockchain is provenance, i.e. helping to easily ascertain the origin of products purchased and the ingredients and components of those products. Association with a supplier with a poor environmental, social and ethical record can pose a significant reputational risk to a hotel. Procuring utilizing the blockchain can help address this.


By building loyalty rewards programs, companies aim to heighten the customer experience. In many cases, the opposite has occurred. Blockchain can transform Loyalty Programmes by Expanding their use, Facilitating Cashback, Making the process near real-time, Reducing costs, etc

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